Stainless Steel Electrochemical Etching Equipment Cost and process

Electrochemical etching of stainless steel involves a precise and controlled process to achieve high-quality results. Below is an overview of the required equipment, estimated costs, and their specific purposes. The table also includes manufacturer information for reference.

Equipment Overview and Estimated Prices

Equipment NameEstimated PricePurpose
Stainless steel electro Cleaning line$4500/mCleans stainless steel using specific water quality standards.
Stainless steel electro Painting and drying line$4500/mApplies and dries paint with precise temperature control.
Exposure line$18,000-$3,0000Uses LED or LDI for high-precision exposure.
Developing line$4500/mDevelops the exposed stainless steel accurately.
Stainless steel electrochemical etching line$4500/mPerforms the main etching process using copper chloride etchant.
Stainless steel electro Stripping line/Strips away unwanted material post-etching.
Equipment Overview and Estimated Prices

Detailed Steps of Stainless Steel Electrochemical Etching

Stainless Steel Electro Cleaning Line

  • Process: Utilizes high-quality water to remove contaminants from stainless steel.
  • Water Quality Recommendation: Use deionized water to prevent impurities.

Stainless Steel Electro Painting and Drying Line

  • Temperature Control: Precise control is crucial for uniform paint application.
  • Process Flow: Stainless steel is painted, then dried at controlled temperatures to ensure adhesion.

Exposure Line

  • LED Exposure: Suitable for less complex patterns; works by exposing photoresist-coated stainless steel to UV light.
  • LDI (Laser Direct Imaging): Ideal for high-precision patterns; uses laser beams for direct imaging.
  • Work Flow:
    • LED Exposure: Place the photoresist-coated steel under an LED light source.
    • LDI Exposure: Use laser beams to expose the steel, adjusting parameters for pattern complexity.

Developing Line

  • Post-Exposure: Develops the image after exposure by removing unexposed photoresist.
  • Necessity: Developing reveals the pattern created during the exposure phase.

Stainless Steel Electrochemical Etching Line

  • Process: Involves immersing the developed stainless steel into a copper chloride solution.
  • Parameters:
    • Temperature: Maintain between 40-50°C.
    • Etchant Concentration: Typically 15-20% copper chloride.
    • Experience Tips: Regularly monitor etchant strength and temperature for consistent results.

Stainless Steel Electro Stripping Line

  • Details: Strips away residual photoresist and other unwanted materials post-etching.
  • Procedure: Uses chemical baths or mechanical methods for cleaning.

Material and Etching Data Table

Stainless Steel SeriesEtching Temperature (°C)Etchant Concentration (%)Estimated Etching Depth (µm)Etching Quality
316482055Very High
Material and Etching Data Table

This detailed overview covers the key aspects and equipment necessary for stainless steel electrochemical etching. Following these guidelines ensures efficient and high-quality etching results. For further information and specific product details, please visit DragonEtching.